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Classic Juice Co

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Classic Juice Co. is a personal care lifestyle company that is committed to authenticity and genuineness.

Our goal is to be a trusted brand for those who practice self-love in a concentrated effort for a better world.

Inspired by the Jamaican Rastafarian Ital Lifestyle, starting in the metropolis of Toronto, with sights set around the globe, Classic Juice Co. supports you as you live ‘on purpose’ in your rawest, purest, natural form – the person you were born to be, before you took your first breath.

As you strive to be your best self, encountering highs, lows and in-betweens, you can look to Classic Juice Co. for nourishment, guidance, encouragement and motivation along the journey.

The story of Classic Juice Co. begins with our founder, Tamara Shelly searching for natural medicines to help treat her PCOS.

During her search, she came became better acquainted with the practice of Ancient Chinese Medicine which is founded on the principle that good overall health starts within the stomach. This notion, along with other valuable principles, encouraged her to pay closer attention to the food she ate AND how she consumed it.

Shortly after investing in a juicer, juicing daily, and fasting with juice, her medical issues subsided with a complete turnaround. She relied on juicing again, when family members obtained relatively serious sports injuries. Both healed earlier than their expected recovery period, with strength and vigor without surgery and without complications.

This open attention to food, and the blessings it offered Tamara in her personal life led to a journey of self-healing.

Now mindful of what she put into her body; she became much more mindful of what she allowed into her mind, spirit and soul. She removed anything that was not considered a necessity and unplugged with as much balance as she felt comfortable. Tamara’s juice detox led to a lifestyle detox.

Recharging through prayer, meditation, family and nature led Tamara to embrace a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for what they each added to her life and that is when she felt the healthiest she had ever felt in her life. Health was no longer a diet for Tamara, it was a lifestyle! She engulfed herself in art, design, food, music, sports, photography, wine, culinary arts and anything that peaked her interest and brought joy to her heart.Her lifestyle had led her to find her path. This path led to richer experiences with loved ones, strangers, in both familiar and odd places.

Tamara realized her best moments had common threads: They were all raw, authentic, genuine and effortlessly classic. Tamara embodied these experiences and bottled them up inside. She uses them as fuel to create products and animate a space filled with purpose to fellowship with those embarking on their own healing journey and ultimately:
Live On Purpose!

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